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Negril's Best-kept Secret .....Tony's Hut In Negril

Negril is a famous tourist Centre in Jamaica. Large hotel chains and all-inclusive resorts have dominated it for the past two decades. Despite this domination, it still has some sweet secrets. Many know these secrets, but you may never see an ad about it on TV or in magazines. These secrets represent the real Jamaican experience. They include authentic food, sweet beverages, great music and genuinely friendly people.

Tony's hut is located at the mile 7 beach in Negril, Jamaica. It gives a clear picture of this hidden secret. It boasts of rough décor, bamboo and thatch roof, wooden seats and an irie vibe in the air.


They operate a full-service bar with a wide selection of beers, vodkas, gin, rums and much more from 10 am to 10 pm seven days a week. Their customer service delivery is perfect because they pay very close attention to their customers' needs. Imagine walking into your favorite bar and being called by name and greeted with a bright smile.

Tony's Hut brags of a decent amount of worldwide customer-base, having clients returning every year from Europe, Canada, United States, Caribbean and different parts of the world. Many tourists and local people have described this hut as the most relaxed bar in Negril, and it is outstanding amongst other places in Negril to watch the beautiful sunset.


Milton is the main bartender behind the counter, and many consider him as one of the most significant personalities behind the success of the bar over the years. He has worked in different large hotels and bars. This wealth of experience has influenced his knowledge towards making his customers keep coming and happy. He goes an extra mile to ensure their welfare and safety every day, giving them tips to having a great time in Negril. He also ensures his clients are updated with the most recent happenings in Negril.


Just so you know, Tony's Hut is also one of the best spots on the beach to have a perfect view of the sunset. Customers have made this hut their home. Over the years, they have left valuables including t-shirts, games, and anything they think might stand out in the bar. They even provide markers for interested individuals to make marks on one of Negril's best-kept secrets.

Despite the fact that the face of Negril has changed over the years, there are still some palatable experiences that we can appreciate and boast of. If you happen to find yourself in Negril, please don't hesitate to stop by Tony's Hut to leave your mark. Do have a drink, relax and enjoy what Negril has to offer.

Written by Jeffery James

Travel Blogger

Take Me To Jamaica

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